Prof. Dott. Bruno Marelli, Director of Ortotraumatology Department at the "Gaetano Pini" Orthopaedic Institute, Orthopaedic Clinic of the University of Milan, works in the following areas:

Hip replacement surgery

High specialisation in hip replacement in cases of arthrosis, or serious congenital post-traumatic deformities with invalidating functional limitations, using traditional techniques or, in cases with the correct indication, a minimally invasive approach. The latter is far more delicate with tissues, thus permitting a more rapid post-operation recovery. Indeed, minimally invasive surgery implies vanguard technological solutions in terms of design and prosthetic material ( only femoral resurfacing prosthesis or maximum tissue conservation prosthesis are used), and also exploits computer-assisted technology (Navigator System).
Joint revision surgery for the substitution of previous implantations, technically speaking an extremely complex operation, is carried out using new generation modular prostheses and, where necessary, with recourse to transplants from the Institute’s bone bank.

Knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgery is carried out in cases of serious gonarthrosis or traumatic outcomes the results of which are positive in 90% of patients 10 years after the implantation. A high level of specialisation has been reached in knee replacement for patients of over 80 years of age and in joint revision surgery when functionality has been seriously compromised.

Arthroscopic and open knee surgery

With arthroscopic technique all knee pathologies can be treated. Indeed, all traditional operations are carried out (from meniscectomy to the reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament), using (indifferently) a transplant with either patellar, gracilis and semitendinosus or quadricipital tendons, which are fixed using the most reliable and innovative systems.
Special attention is, however, paid to all the most complex and modern arthroscopic techniques such as meniscal suture or the treatment of cartilaginous lesions using autologous chondrocyte transplantation and modern BIOTECNOLOGIES as “scaffold” and grow factors.

Complex ligament reconstructions are carried out:

In cases of genu varum or genu valgum, either subtraction or addition osteotomy is effected on the knee axis at the tibial and femoral level.
Also treated are cases of traumatic lesions of bones and tendons.
Minor arthroscopic operations (meniscal) are carried out on a “day case” basis.